Inside the Jets vs. Colts Film Room: Offense

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Joe McKnight is lined up directly behind Mark Sanchez, indicated by the black circle. As indicated by the black line, Joe is going to take the handoff and start to the right side of the line, and then cut to the backside through the hole. He will make someone miss, as you will see in the next picture, and that is all McKnight. But watch the key lineman this time, Pro Bowl tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson, indicated in the green circle. He is going to come all the way over and make a block on the back side that will open the hole.

The first part is a great move by Joe McKnight. The cornerback is indicated in green, coming in to try to make the stop on McKnight in the backfield. McKnight makes his cut to the backside, making this guy miss. But take a look at the matchup in the green circle, which springs the run forward. D’Brickashaw Ferguson has come to the hole, and he is taking on the linebacker(#50) in the hole. You will see in the next screen that Ferguson gets enough of the linebacker to push him out of the hole, setting Joe McKnight loose.

Again, take a look at the hole that the offensive line has created. One side is sealed off by the left side of the Jets line, as indicated by the red line. But, the key block is made by Ferguson, in the green circle. You see how he has gotten enough of #50, the linebacker, to push him out of the way. That seals off the other side of the lane, as indicated by the green line. That is all that Joe McKnight needs with his speed.

McKnight gets to the second level, turns on the afterburners, and it is off to the races. Joe is not stopped until he has picked up 61 yards.

This is the best the offensive line has looked, especially in the run game, so far in 2012. Yes, it is only one game, and as I said yesterday, the Jets better not get over confident. But, this is definitely what Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano had in mind when they talked about “Ground and Pound”. We can only hope that it continues.

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