Quick All-22 Film Review - The Colts

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The Colts pass defense is probably the team’s achilles heel at this point.  The secondary was very fortunate that Aaron Rodgers had an OFF day or it could’ve made for a very bad day for the Colts defense. Colts have allowed 8 passing TDs this season and are ranked 13th against the pass surrendering 225 yards per game and opposing QBs have an average QBR of 102.6 against the Colts defense this season and that’s “good” for 6th worst in the league.

Rodgers threw for 235 and 3 TDs against this Colts secondary but believe it or not, it should’ve been for more as the holes were there the entire game, Rodgers just seemed to miss open WRs and overthrew and underthrew WRs when the plays were there. Very un-Rodgers like indeed but the Colts aren’t complaining.



How Do The Jets Attack That Colts Defense and Contain Their Offense?


On Offense:

Jets are reportedly getting TE Dustin Keller and rookie WR Stephen Hill back from hamstring injuries that have sidelined them for the past 3-5 games.  If these 2 targets are indeed returning and healthy, then the plan of attacking this Colts defense is totally different than what it would be if they aren’t.  All indications are that they will be playing so we’ll just scheme accordingly.

-As stated before, the Colts defense, particularly their pass defense is playing pretty mediocre right now and they consistently leave A LOT of plays on the field every week.   Though the Colts aren’t good in coverage, nor are they especially aggressive with blitzing, they simply don’t have to be, they can get pressure rushing just four, though that COULD be a bit difficult this week with LB Robert Mathis out for a few weeks due to injury.

– Colts had problems defending Greenbay WR Randall Cobb who was targeted 4 times, for 82 yards and 1 TD.  That’s a 20 ypc average Cobb had vs that Colts defense.  Look for the Jets to utilize WR Jeremy Kerley the same way Greenbay used Cobb to find the holes in the defense.

-Colts mostly still play 2-deep, but look like they’re using more man coverage and are jamming receivers at the LOS something rookie WR Stephen Hill struggles with but something WR Jeremy Kerley is getting better at countering.  It might be tough again for the Jets passing game if Stephen Hill is still allowing opposing CBs to handle him at the line.  Jets need to run some short patterns and get Sanchez in rhythm first before trying longer passes for bigger plays.  This type of defense from the Colts is ripe for a “Dustin Keller” day as he is as good as any WR let alone any other TE at finding the holes in cover 2 defenses and exploiting them.  Sanchez needs to get Keller established early and often not only to get Keller in rhythm but to get himself in rhythm as well.

– Colts DE Cory Redding is excellent in the middle for IND, he blows up running plays almost singlehandedly. They’re pretty stout in the middle for it being their first year switching to a 3-4. They still also use a good amount of 4-3, mostly in an over shift. It’s going to be pretty tough for Greene and Powell. GB should have run out the shotgun more on counters or draws, as that seemed to work pretty well against IND from the shotgun.  The Jets should do this as well and get more screens worked into the game plan as the Colts tend to over pursue and get comfortable rushing 4 and leaving opportunities for big play screen passes.  The Jets don’t call enough of them and I think they need to start utilizing them more consistently.

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