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Andrew Luck looked nothing like a rookie last week vs the Packers

The Indianapolis  Colts are coming off an impressive come from behind victory over the Greenbay Packers last Sunday, a game in which the Colts needed a 14 play 80 yard drive in the final minutes of the 4th to take the lead and score the eventual game winning TD pass.  The game winning drive was as impressive as advertised as Colts rookie QB Andrew Luck basically played pitch and catch with Colts veteran WR Reggie Wayne as Luck threw for 362 yards.  In his career-high 212-yard performance last week, Reggie Wayne was trailed all afternoon by the Packers’ Pro Bowl cornerback duo of Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson but it seemed as if neither was capable of containing Wayne who pretty much had his way and did it at the most crucial times in the game.  Andrew Luck completed 12 of 22 (54.5 percent) passes traveling more than 10 yards downfield Sunday, including four completions on the final drive.  That was the difference in the Colts winning and losing this game on that final drive.

For the most part during the game vs the Packers the Colts mixed up their formations but had the majority of their success when operating out of the “bunch” formation and their athletic TEs DeWayne Allen and Coby Fleener tend to have more success out of this formation than any other formation and considering the Colts don’t have a GREAT WR corp, this type of offensive scheming is certainly a smart one.

Let’s just focus on the Colts final drive and I’m doing this for one reason only.  The Colts presented the Packers with their BEST shot because they were down, backs against the wall and they need a TD to win it, NOT a FG.  So what better to analyze than a drive in which the Colts had to have been at their absolute BEST in crunch time in order to win?


First, it needs to be stated that this final Colts game winning drive is indicative of how potent this Colts offense CAN be and how dangerously efficient it can be if Luck is given time and that organization starts bringing it TOP talent at the WR position to help Luck, NOT that he needed that help against the Packers since the Packers must’ve forgot who Reggie Wayne is.   And YES It certainly helps when opposing CBs have difficulties staying with their assignments no matter what the reasoning is.  Against the Packers on that final game winning drive, the Colts utilized the “bunch” formation because it seemed to confuse the Packers defense.   The Bunch formation no matter WHAT side the bunch set was set on, the Packers Cover 2 defense was no match for it.

-The Colts were down 27-22 with 4:30 to go in the game.

-After a 4 yard gain with a quick pass to Fleener on an out from the bunch formation, the Colts suffered a false start penalty.

– On 3rd and 9 on that final drive, both Wayne and Fleener, who were “bunched” to the left of Luck, ran quick in cut routes and were almost in the same location in the field except Wayne ran his route about 5 yards deeper and managed to get a step on FS Morgan Burnett and Luck went over Fleener’s head to find Wayne in stride to garner the 1st down.

The Packers played ALOT of Cover 2 on this final drive and Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne made them pay for it.

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