Sept 23, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; New York Jets guard Matt Slauson (68) takes a drink during a time-out in a game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Matt Slauson Fined $10K for Hit on Brian Cushing

Matt Slauson and the coaching staff may have felt that the block on Brian Cushing was a clean hit, but we learned today that the NFL does not agree.

We have learned that the league has fined Matt Slauson $10,000 for the block on Brian Cushing that ended his season. Slauson plans to appeal. It is being characterized as an “peel back block”, which as of 2005, was illegal thanks to a rule change. The definition of a peel back block is one made from behind and below the waist. Per the rules, this should have been a 15 yard penalty.

Whether the play was illegal or not, it was unnecessary in my view. It’s a rough game, not saying that it isn’t. However, Slauson should know that below the knees is how guys can lose careers, let alone seasons. It’s not that he shouldn’t block the guy, but it is cheap to take shots at a guys knees. There is illegal vs legal, and moral vs immoral. It shouldn’t happen, it was unnecessary. I have no problem with the league making Matt Slauson write out a check, and hope the decision is upheld on appeal.

The sport is rough enough, guys don’t need their knees taken out. It’s wrong.

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  • Brian

    The NFL Commissioner SHOULD HAVE FINED A LOT MORE MONEY and Suspend MATT SLAUSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The CHOP BLOCK from Behind on Cushing Was WRONG and is the Perfect Example of Gorillas OUT OF CONTROL thinking the RULES DO NOT Apply to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    $50,000,00 Fine!!!!!

    1 Game Suspension!!!!!

    Matt Slauson…..YOU WILL GET YOURS Soon Enough for the CHOP Block on Cushing!!!
    (P) (O) (S)….(D) (I) (R) (T)… (B) (A) (G)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s the problem with lousy teams in the NFL and even worse players…. They lash out at the apposing team in ANY DIRTY Way They Can!!!

    Pathetic Jets Players!!!

  • Chris Ciancimino

    It’s nice to read a Jets bias report call this hit what it was. I think the fine is a little light, though. Had Slauson and Ryan been contrite, I’d say $10k would be enough. Instead, Both men have denied any wrong doing and have been unapologetic for what was an obvious dirty hit. I say they should have had the book thrown at them.