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10 Awesomely Awesome Meaningless Meaningful Jets/NFL Thoughts

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Through 3 games thus far, the Jets defense hasn’t lived up to the pre-season hype.

1.) The underachieving Jets defense -

Through 3 games of the 2012 NFL season, the Jets defense hasn’t looked nearly as good as advertised and that’s putting it NICELY.  The most troubling aspect of this underachieving Jets defense has to be the lack of pass rush thus far.  Now a lack of pass rush is something that has plagued Rex Ryan’s defensive scheme since taking over as head coach in 2009, but the reason why it’s even MORE troubling this season is because the Jets convinced themselves and the world that they had “addressed” the issue adequately over the past 2 offseasons but apparently this hasn’t been the case.  How’s this for perspective; the Jets have 3 QB sacks total for the ENTIRE season thus far.  The Seattle Seahawks sacked Green Bay Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers 8 times in the FIRST HALF of their game last week.

To say that the pass rush has been disappointing is a MASSIVE understatement.  It has FAILED to live up to the hype that Rex and Co. generated leading up to the season.  Everyone predicted that the Jets defense would be stellar and that it would need to carry the team through the season but ironically, in both of the Jets wins this season (Bills and Dolphins) the offense, as lethargic as it seems at times, has been the primary reason for the Jets coming out on the winning side of those games.  Probably the most alarming factor surrounding the Jets pass rushing struggles, is the number of snaps players like Aaron Maybin and Quinton Coples have gotten over the past 2 weeks; out of a possible 151 defensive snaps vs the Steelers and Dolphins, Coples and Maybin have combine for a total of 65 snaps, that’s not even half of the total defensive snaps within the past 2 weeks for arguably 2 of the most talented pass rushers on the team.


2.)     Revis’s injury and his contract-

Don’t you just hate monkey wrenches?  Seems as if a HUGE monkey wrench was just thrown into this Revis/Jets “situation” and man are the POSSIBILITES pretty much ENDLESS at this point.  Pretty much NOTHING is guaranteed and there are WAY too many variables surrounding this situation to form ANY kind of feasible hypothetical at this point.  What we do know is that Revis has 2 years remaining on his contract and once added to the IR, the Jets will still be on the hook for the 8.5 mill Revis is owed this season.   ONE of those 2 years  remaining on his contract (this season) he won’t be playing and the FINAL year he MAY have to spend it PROVING himself ALL over again.   This MAY not go over well with the Revis camp as they may be looking for a good faith contract anytime between NOW and the moment Revis steps on the field again and the Jets are NOT obligated to do any such thing.  Let me be clear, I WANTED THE JETS TO MAKE REVIS A JET FOR LIFE THE END OF LAST SEASON but it didn’t happen and now he’s lost 90% of his leverage.  It sucks for him, yeah it does, and though we all hate when our BEST player holds out for more guaranteed money, we can look at this and understand WHY they do it.


3.)    SANCHEZ WATCH!!!! 

Through 3 games of the season Mark Sanchez has thrown for 5 TDs, 3 ints, 710 yards, 50.5 comp%, 78.3 QBR and has only gotten sacked 3 times this season.  Sanchez’s comp% is ranked last in the NFL among qualified QBs.  Sanchez had a bad game accuracy wise vs the Dolphins so it brought his comp% down from last week.  This week he faces a tough 49ers overall defense but one that is ranked 13th against the pass and opposing QBs have an average QBR or 89.6 against them this season.


4.)    RB controversy?

Watching Shonn Greene in that crucial goal line stand vs the Dolphins last week was probably the worst thing I’ve seen on MY television screen since that one time I used my house slipper to kill a Mexican water roach that was ever so elegantly walking across my TV screen in college.  It was HORRIBLE.  He seemed lethargic and nonchalant.  At ONE point, he attempted to dive over the pile for a score and was DESTROYED in DIABOLICAL fashion like some sort of tackling dummy.  Shonn Greene and his 2.8 ypc has been for the most part, COUNTERPRODUCTIVE for Sanchez and the passing game.  It makes the criticism of Sanchez look that much more semi-unfair considering Sanchez has had quite possibly the WORST starting RB in the league thus far at his disposal.  Jets need to immediately start splitting carries between Greene and 2nd year RB Blial Powell who has looked much better running in between the tackles so far this season and also add Tim Tebow in the mix.  Tebow’s wildcat packages has been an utter fail so far this season and I care NOT to see any more of it but I would love to see Tebow in the back field and given some carries as he’s clearly the most talented runner on the team and that’s no joke.

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