JETSerious' Star Spotlight Jets vs. 49ers: Vernon Davis

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If you’re a Jets fan, you know that it’s typical of the Jets to give up big numbers to a good tight end. You can look at the success that the Patriots TE’s have had. You can also look at the success that dominant TE’s like Antonio Gates and Jason Witten, have had when playing against the Jets.

Vernon Davis is that type of tight end. He is too fast for a linebacker to cover, and too strong for a safety to cover. He is a defensive coordinator’s worst nightmare. He’s a matchup nightmare.

Now considering that the Jets often struggle to stop an athletic TE’s, they need to base their game-plan on stopping Vernon Davis. It has to be #2 on the priority list for Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine.

So what’s #1?

Stop the run, first and foremost.

Forget about the absence of Darrelle Revis for a second… the Jets need to improve in run defense. If they can manage to dominate at the line of scrimmage and stop the run on Sunday, the 49ers will be forced to throw the ball. That is when the Jets (used to) be at their best. Unfortunately, this year the Jets allowed their opponents to covert on  12 of 33 3rd down plays. That’s uncharacteristic of a Rex Ryan defense. If Rex wants to change that, it all starts with stopping the run—which currently ranks 28th.

Stopping Frank Gore and the 49’ers #7 ranked rushing attack early on, will help the Jets set the tone for the game. They can then focus on their #2 priority. That priority should be to cloud the middle of the field. Both Safeties– Yeremiah Bell and LaRon Landry are going to be tested on Sunday. They are arguably the most important defenders… now that Revis isn’t on the field. They’re both vital to the Jets success vs. San Francisco. If they can manage put fear into the 49’ers offensive weapons, the Jets will have a great chance to pull an upset. However, it works both ways… If Vernon Davis, Randy Moss, and company start to carve up the middle of the field… well; let’s just say it’ll be a long day.

Let’s check out some highlights, and take a look at what Vernon Davis is capable of doing…

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