So, What Now For The Jets?

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Laron Landry and the Jets defense will need to step it up  BIG TIME in Revis’s absence.

-The Jets pass rush has become VITALLY important now.  The Jets pass rush has once again gone missing for the Jets but someone, SOMEHOW needs to FIND it immediately and bring it back to Jersey. With Darrelle Revis in the lineup, it allowed the Jets defense to play more aggressively as Revis would essentially lock down one side of the field.  The Jets has had success in the Rex Ryan era with garnering coverage sacks and that is no doubt due to the great CB play between Revis and Antonio Cromartie but the Jets are now at a point in which coverage sacks may become few and far between and will NEED their pass rusher to step up.  Through 3 games the Jets pass rush has been non-existent and probably the BIGGEST disappointment for thus far, plus it doesn’t help that the 2 potential playmaking pass rushers, Quinton Coples and Aaron Maybin are NOT getting snaps like they should. Out of 85 total defensive snaps vs the Dolphins, Coples had 17 and Maybin had 18, needless to say THIS needs to change immediately as its 100% unacceptable.  You will be amazed at how SOLID a good pass rush will make a secondary look more times than not.  Clearly the Jets secondary WITH Revis didn’t have the consistency to allow the Jets d-line to maximize on solid coverage in the secondary, THAT or the Jets D-line is just overrated.  Either way, the Jets pass rush has been EXTREMELY disappointing and Jets need d-line need to turn up the heat and allow the secondary to lean on them when necessary this season.  Not sure WHAT the issue is with the Jets pass rush but it’s become a serious problem that the Jets need to address immediately or the season will be over before the season is over.


-Mark Sanchez HAS to pick it up ASAP.  Sanchez has struggle more than excel so far this season and he needs to simply player better than he has thus far…..Period!  Sanchez’s 50.5 comp% is DEAD last in the league and that number is on HIM.  Even without the drops, Sanchez’s comp% would still be low as he has been inaccurate and inconsistent these past 2 games and it’s putting the Jets’ offense in precarious situations more times than not.  Granted, Sanchez has been victimized by poor WR play these past 2 games, which included drops, inept route running or WRs inability to counter the press coverage at the line, he is still held accountable for the success and/or failure of the Jets’ offense.  Essentially it’s up to Sanchez to gather his teammates and start getting the most out of them by any means necessary.


Right now, to even THINK about the playoffs is insane as this Jets team is struggling to prove itself from week to week.  The odds are certainly stacked up against this team and frankly right now, there are not many that trust this team and rightfully so. But, Rex Ryan and this Jets team are certainly up for the challenge this season will bring and as sure as water is wet the challenges WILL come fast and hard and it starts this Sunday vs the 49ers.  The Jets can garner a TON of confidence if they can knock off a good San Francisco team.







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