So, What Now For The Jets?

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Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense no longer have much room for error going forward this season.

Well it’s just week 4 of the 2012 NFL season and the Jets are seemingly at a cross road as “gut check” time for this struggling Jets team has arrived MUCH earlier than SOME anticipated.  Coming off a week in which they pulled off an ugly and gritty win over their division rival Miami Dolphins to go 2-0 in the division, the Jets are facing a pivotal point in their season in which sudden circumstances are forcing them to QUICKLY decided if they are going to lay down and pack it in or come out of the corner swinging.  Even though the Jets pulled out a gritty win over the Dolphins, they came away from that game with a huge LOSS as All-Pro CB Darrelle Revis suffered a season ending knee injury when he tore his ACL on a non-contact play.

The Jets were already a team suffering from defensive issues early in the season WITH Revis and now with their best player going down for the remainder of the season along with the inconsistencies and poor play the offense and defense has exhibited over the past 2 weeks, the Jets MUST get better quickly on both sides of the ball.  Granted it’s still early in the season and Jets fans are hoping that the gritty/ugly win against the Dolphins will somehow motivate the Jets going forward and yes, in a way it’s somewhat logical to believe that when teams show resolve and resiliency in pulling off a slug fest like the one against the Dolphins, it can have positive effects on the team as it can build confidence. But, this Jets team is quite possibly the worse 2-1 team in the league right now and that isn’t an understatement.   The Jets need to do a lot of things quickly in order to turn things around, adequately adjust to Revis’s absence and remain relevant in a season in which parity is at an all-time high.  A quick few words on what the Jets need to do now….

-Kyle Wilson needs to step up immediately.  Wilson, who was drafted in the first round in 2010, is in year 3 of a 5 year contract and is most likely playing for long term security here with the Jets.  Wilson will be tested and picked on immediately and he needs to be prepared to defend NOT only the opposing WR but his job as well.  If Wilson steps up and looks solid for the Jets in Revis’s absence this season, then he’ll quite possibly be in the Jets long term plans but if Wilson struggles as he has in the past, then the Jets will probably look to move on from him sooner rather than later.  Wilson has FLASHED at times but other times he has shown a lack of technique that has undoubtedly drawn the attention of opposing defensive coordinators and QBs since he’s been incorporated in the nickel package.  No doubts that Wilson is very capable of stepping up as he has the talent and attributes to do so but his execution at times, leaves a lot to be desired.  Wilson has an opportunity to take a serious step into the next phase of his career, an opportunity that SOME players only dream about, let’s hope Wilson is cognizant of the position he’s now in and capitalize on it!

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