Note to the Jets: Watch Your Back Defending Reggie Bush

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Again, see how the line, for the most part again, is blocking down to the left. Whether it is the far left of the screen, or in the middle off their left shoulders, they are blocking down towards the left side of the line, drawing the defense in that direction. Where will Bush go?

Again, he bounces outside to the right, away from the flow of the line, and away from the defense. Notice that due to the blocking, he has to make one guy miss and he is already at the second level.

He makes multiple guys miss, and 23 yards later, it’s touchdown Dolphins.

So what do the Jets do? Keep their assignments, that is what they do. When the linebackers start getting sucked into the blocking, they leave these lanes open on the backside for Bush to cut back. If they keep their positions on the back side, Bush will run into Jets defenders when he cuts back, and he won’t be able to break off these long runs.

Watch your backs, Jets. Specifically, your backside edges. Keep them set, or Reggie Bush will kill us on Sunday.

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