The Good and the Bad Sides of Antonio Cromartie

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As we watch these guys battle down to the goaline(sorry as always for the size), we see that Cromartie is keeping his excellent position on Wallace, as the ball is heading their way. The next picture will show you where Cromartie lost his concentration.

Here is where Cromartie shows us that he is not paying attention. Instead of looking back for the ball, he keeps running. Wallace stops because the ball is coming down. Cromartie runs past Wallace, leaving him the opportunity to make the leaping catch.

Wallace makes the leaping catch, somehow gets his feet in bounds, Cromartie doesn’t come back quick enough to knock him out of bounds first, and it’s over. Touchdown Steelers. And a prime example of how Cromartie can look when he is not giving his best effort.

Antonio Cromartie has the ability to perform like of of the best players on the New York Jets. When he is putting out 100% effort, he is as good as they come. When he doesn’t, he looks really bad.

Hopefully we will see more of the good than the bad going forward.

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