A Look Inside the Tebow Wildcat Debut

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There were some other occasions during the game when Tim came into the game after Mark completed a third down pass for a first down. We saw that it didn’t affect Mark’s rhythm, this week. The Jets will play against better defenses as I said before. It’s not a guarantee that this will throw him off his rhythm in the future, but it could. Wouldn’t it make more sense that if Sanchez is playing well, and completing big passes, to just leave him alone? Isn’t the theory “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”, a valid one?

It is a valid theory. Quarterbacks need to keep that feel they have in a game. They cannot just come out of a game when they have the hot hand, and it can alter the momentum dramatically. The Wildcat needs to be a change of pace, when the Jets actually “need” a change of pace, not just for the sake of changing the pace.

The Jets must handle the Wildcat carefully, that’s all. It was unsuccessful on Sunday, but it didn’t negatively affect the result of the game. But it could.

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