Rex Ryan's Jets Played with a Chip on Their Shoulders

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Rex, like Mark, felt confident in his offense going into the game yesterday:

I had a pretty good feeling that we were going to play well. I told the guys before the game that I had that kind of confidence. They know I might not always be right, but they know I don’t tell them something I don’t believe. I really felt we were going to have a big game. It was really just the work I saw during the week and everything leading up to this point. I felt very confident. When Mark has time to throw the football, he can throw it with anybody. We have plenty of weapons. I was happy to see my draft pick (joking), Stephen Hill, get two touchdowns. That was tremendous. Hopefully, (Mike) Tannenbaum will lean on me more we are drafting receivers. (joking)

It’s one game, let’s not put them in the Super Bowl yet, but it certainly is a good sign. When the Jets said that there was a lot of that offense that we haven’t seen, they were absolutely right. We can only hope that it continues next week.

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