Why the Jets Should Attempt to Sign Dan Koppen

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At 32 years old, Dan Koppen is not too old to be out of gas. If he is healthy, he should be an able bodied player. He also has a wealth of experience, and good experience. Since 2003 when he entered the league, other than when he missed time for injury, Koppen has started every game he has been active for except for one.

He not only has the experience, he is talented as well, with a Pro Bowl appearance and one All-Pro awarding to his credit. Koppen would fill in well, wouldn’t even miss a beat if he had to step in.

He could also provide valuable information on the enemy. Both the Jets and the Patriots have made practice of signing guys the other team has released, in part to learn about what goes on with the other side. Does it work? Maybe yes, maybe no. But both teams have done it for quite some time, adding to the rivalry that is the Patriots vs. the Jets. If anyone is going to be able to give the Jets good information on Tom Brady and the Patriots offense, it would be their long time center, Dan Koppen.

If he is healthy of course. They will have to make sure that the ankle he hurt in 2011 is back and ready to go. If it is, Dan Koppen would make a terrific addition to the New York Jets. He is talented, and fills a need that the Jets desperately have. If Nick Mangold, God forbid, went down, Koppen would be a more than capable replacement. The Jets need to put in a call. It’s your move Tannenbaum.

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