Joe Namath is Being Hypocritical with Criticism

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Think about it. If you consistently make negative comments all the time, that is going to make headlines. Come on Joe, you know the New York mainstream media. If you get quoted saying that the Jets are more concerned with making headlines, isn’t that just going to turn into another headline? How does that help the situation?

Like I said, Joe Namath is entitled to feel how he does. The suggestion from me would be to maybe put them out there more constructively. Instead of just talking about what’s wrong, it might help to offer suggestions on how to fix the problems. This might be a way for Namath to still express his thoughts and opinions, without drawing the same kind of attention to himself.

Doing it this way, is hypocritical. He thinks the Jets like headlines, but all he is doing is creating his own headlines. You can’t have it both ways, Joe, sorry. It is hypocritical.

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