Mark Sanchez Keeping it Positive Despite the Struggles

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Mark wouldn’t even let the blame for the struggles rest on Wayne Hunter:

I don’t know. I’m sure on the outside it might look that way but we all had our share in not scoring a touchdown yet. We’re in the red zone and I had a pass picked off and taken back for a touchdown. So, we all had our share of mistakes and we’ve all had games where we haven’t played our best. It’s not just one guy’s fault, we all had a hand in it.

Sanchez had plenty of opportunity to sound frustrated with his offense, and it would have been justified. There are a lot of guys out there that would come unglued with all the pressure he has on him, between the situation with Tebow, and the struggling offense so far. But no, he stays positive, he keeps his emotions cool. This is the mark of a guy that can be a great quarterback.

We hope sooner rather than later.

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