Tim Tebow, the New York Jets, and....the....Wildcat?

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The other side of the coin is that old saying about practice making perfect.

The preseason is a time for evaluation, seeing where your team is at in the various aspects of the game. You see how the defense looks, and you evaluate your offense as well.

Running something in practice is good. Getting their reps in on the practice field is important, especially for the Wildcat. Doing it without the media around gives them the freedom to get the work done without all of the cameras, speculation, …etc.

But, to evaluate where they are in learning the system, don’t they need to try it in a game setting? I am not saying to break it own 10 times or more, like they might do during the regular season. My point is, shouldn’t they at least run it once, against guys that are in the other color uniforms, to see if it works? Isn’t that the best way to see if they are getting it? I think so.

So my question to you is, which way is right? Should they try it in a game, or are the Jets right in keeping it hidden until the season starts?

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