Mark Sanchez, The Jets Offense, and the AWOL Long Pass

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Also, and I am a broken record on this, you cannot minimize the importance of the offensive line, especially when you are trying to go deep. Stephen Hill is fast, and using slang terms, we say he can “fly”. But he can’t actually fly, he needs 3-4 seconds to run a deep route.

The offensive line is not giving Mark that kind of time. In watching the tape back from Saturday night, whenever it appeared that Mark Sanchez looked down field, a pass rusher was on him within 2 seconds of the snap. Even stretching the field just for the sake of stretching takes time. The offensive line is not giving him that time.

As far as throwing an interception on “a two yard crossing route on third and 10″, I went back and looked at the tape from Saturday night. We all saw that the above occurred, and turned into a TD for the New York Giants.

Watch Mark’s eyes on that play, you can see that his read is going from left to right. Watch his eyes progress from the left sideline to the middle of the field. He ended up on Patrick Turner because nobody else appeared to be open. He made a terrible throw, but chose the most open man. The guys were blanketed, he made the only throw that he could. Mark’s read was a good one.

The Jets need to push the football down the field more. The downfield, long pass, has clearly gone AWOL on the New York Jets. Just don’t forget, there are a lot more issues that play into that than just Mark Sanchez.

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