Bart Scott on the Offense: "We Can't Farm Their Land"

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He also talked about how the run defense is a staple of a Rex Ryan defense:

Well that’s a staple. Whenever you talk about a Rex Ryan led defense, you talk about stopping the run, making opposing offenses one dimensional. That’s what you have to do in this league to give yourself a chance. You can’t give an opposing offense the ability to run the ball and pass the ball at the same time. You want to make them one dimensional so you can anticipate what they’re doing. Once you shut the run down and put them in long third-down situations, that’s when you can take advantage and that’s when it favors you. If they’re second-and-medium and manageable then you give them access to their entire playbook, play action, deep balls, and you can open up Pandora’s box that way.

Bart is focusing on getting back to his old self right now, which is great. He is motivated, and wants this defense, and himself, to perform as it and he did in 2009 and 2010. He has no time to worry about the offense, although “We can’t farm their land” is a great line.

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