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If you only caught the first half of the Jets vs. Giants game, you’d be under the assumption that T.J. Conley did a job-well-done.

He had a very nice punt early on, that landed the Giants on their own 1 yard line.

Take a look:

The Jets special teams unit looked to be back on track early. Between the Aaron Maybin’s tipped punt and Isaiah Trufant’s down at the 1, you’d think that Mike Westhoff could ease off the players backs a bit.

Not at all.

A couple of “shanked” punts later, T.J. Conley looked like a completely different player.

He needs to get it together, and get it together quickly.

LaRon looks healthy:

Landry, you look so healthy and youthful… and Wayne Hunter, you look so….. riiiighhhtttt.

I wasn’t able to capture a picture of Landry’s INT, but I did catch him coming out of the tunnel. I’m glad to see #30 in Green & White!

LaRon Landry was one of the only bright spots of last night’s game. He recorded his 1st INT as a Jet, although it won’t count on his regular season statistics.

But the only statistic that we should be worried about is in the WIN column.

Still, Landry looked sharp.

Tim Tebow:

I was able to get a couple good shots of Tebow, that I’d like to share.

On this play, LG Matt Slauson is playing center for the 2nd team offense. It’s just an ordinary shot, but it’s always cool to see the ball in mid-air.

This next picture is of Tebow rushing for a decent gain. Again, with a game that had very limited upside, this was one of the better things to take from the game. It’s obvious Tebow can run. But if he made that TD pass to Stephen Hill, that would’ve been the icing on the cake for his night. Still, you’ve got to consider that he’s up against the Giants 2nd team as well.

It’s good to see Tebow gaining some yardage for our sluggish-looking offense. If he hadn’t chose to tuck the ball and run, however, the play would’ve resulted in a sack… just like it did for Sanchez. The point is– our O-Line needs to STEP IT UP!


I don’t think anybody is satisfied with our play. We’ve got to improve in a lot of different areas– mainly protecting our QB. It doesn’t matter if it’s Mark or Tim, we need to provide them with the protection they need in order to get a pass off.

Mark’s interception was disappointing, but he’ll learn from the mistake. Hey, it’s only pre-season. I’m sure that everybody would rather him make the mistake now, rather than week 1 vs. Buffalo.

The Jets clearly need to get it together, but let’s not FREAK OUT just yet. There’s still a couple of weeks left in the pre-season to get these problems fixed. We can only hope Rex and company get these problems fixed rather sooner than later.

That’s going to be all from Inside the Lens with JETSerious.

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