Jets Break Camp with More Questions than Answers

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Joe McKnight looked the best the other night, but he has still been unproven during the season. He has shown flashes, but no consistency other than as a kick returner.

Hard to say whether Terrance Ganaway will be ready to do serious time this year or not. So the question remains, who is the number two back?


Not as publicized a competition, but a competition none the less. And one that there is really no leader in the clubhouse as of yet. Josh Brown and Nick Folk have been virtually even. Both of these guys have been accurate, and it’s hard to tell if a tie will go to the incumbent, Nick Folk, or the more consistent Josh Brown. This could come down to how they perform on kickoffs, but it poses to be interesting.

So there are questions that have not been answered yet. Hopefully they will be answered soon.

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