Should the Jets Take a Look at Lee Evans?

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Take a look at his last 3 seasons, both in receptions and yards.

2009:44 catches, 612 yards

2010:37 catches, 578 yards

2011:4 catches, 74 yards

You can take out 2011 if you want, since he spent most of the season injured. But, in 2008, Evans had 1,017 yards, so if you factor that number into the mix, it’s clear that his numbers have been on the decline for some time.

Also, you have to think about the team that he was cut from. The Jaguars aren’t exactly an offensive juggernaut. They are grooming a young quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, to be their franchise quarterback. Wouldn’t a veteran receiver be a good idea to help a young quarterback along?

Yet, Lee Evans couldn’t make that team, and that has to make you wonder why.

Is Lee Evans a decent player? Yes. But I wouldn’t offer the ranch to get this guy, and his career has been a bit inconsistent, and in recent years he has been on the decline.

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