Dustin Keller Says He Will Make the Pro Bowl in 2012

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Keller is a perfectionist, both on the practice field and in the class room. He has been working with his tight ends coach, Mike Devlin on his run blocking, and assistant tight ends coach , Lance Taylor, on his route running.

“We view him as an all-around tight end, not just a guy that can stretch the field,” Taylor said. “We want him to wear a lot of different hats. He definitely has the ability in this offense to be huge as a Pro Bowl caliber player.”

Despite improving his game, and staying loyal to the organization, the team has not gone forward with extension talks, and Dustin is not thrilled about it:

“It’s absolutely discouraging,” Keller said of not getting an extension. “But it’s not something that’s going to affect me. It’s not going to affect my play. But if I’m a part of this team’s future and they want me to be a part of the future, I would really appreciate if they showed that and signed me to a deal that would keep me around here a little longer, at this point like they usually do with their first-rounders.”

Personally, I think they should get the extension done with Dustin, just to give Mark Sanchez the comfortability of having his favorite target under contract. They don’t seem to agree, I just hope he doesn’t get away, as he can be a special player.

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