Rex Ryan Doesn't Put it All on the Offensive Line

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I think sometimes it’s not unusual, the way you practice with the quarterbacks never live in those situations, they have a tendency to hold the ball a little longer. That’s why we put the buzzers out there in practice. We do all that type of stuff because guys are holding off not trying to hit the quarterback. When you get to the live action, when those guys add to the rush, they’re going to hit the quarterback and that happened today. Again I credit Cincinnati. I thought Marvin [Lewis] did a tremendous job with his team.

The buzzers will help. The quarterbacks do have to get the ball out faster, but the line must give the QB more than 2 seconds as well. The blitz pickups will be key, as I talked about in yesterday’s post about the running backs.

Saturday night against the Giants will be a key step towards opening day.

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