Mark Sanchez is Taking Over as the Leader of the New York Jets

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The team had some well publicized fights recently. Not that it doesn’t happen at all camps, but the Jets get more attention for it. It happened. Rex lectured the team and punished them with laps. Who else talked to the team? Mark Sanchez.

When Aaron Maybin made contact with a quarterback when it wasn’t allowed, who had something to say? Mark Sanchez.

This is his football team. Here is what he had to say on Maybin after practice yesterday:

Love the effort, love his intensity, but like we said the other day, you have to compete to the last second and don’t go overboard because you risk hurting a teammate, and the number one rule around here is protect the team, so you have to do that.

Not the comment of a guy that is going to sit in the background.

Here is more from Mark, this time talking about what he said to the team after they ran the penalty laps:

That it doesn’t matter who was fighting, who instigated, who retaliated. It doesn’t matter. Just move on, it’s over, and it shouldn’t happen again. And we’re good. We moved on.

A younger, greener, Mark Sanchez would not take the time to talk to his entire team like that. He would have stayed in the background. These comments are the mark(no pun intended) of a guy that is taking control of the football team. He doesn’t need a “C” on his jersey.

This is his football team.

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