Competitiveness vs. Combativeness

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When you read about some of the additional fighting going on, you get a little nervous if it continues. Cromartie vs. Keller. Offensive linemen. Stephen Hill got in a small skirmish.

When guys are fighting all the time, it is showing signs of getting combative with each other. It’s almost as if your teammates are getting under your skin. When plays upon plays are causing guys to fight, it goes past competitive to combative. Guys are trying to get each other, rather thank looking after each other.

A team has to be close, but not so close that they are getting on each other’s nerves. It’s not a problem yet, I am not accusing the Jets locker room of falling apart again. I am just saying be careful.

Maybe Rex is right, the team is ready to start hitting another team. Maybe that will be the cure all for the fighting.

Clearly, coach is not happy about it. He shouldn’t be, because the team needs to be close. The team needs to be competitive, not combative.

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