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RB Blial Powell looked very good during the Jets green and white scrimmage this past Saturday night!

  •  –  The Jets held their annual Green and White scrimmage this past Saturday night in Cortland, NY and it provided a little more insight into the Jets QB situation for those that NEEDED more insight into said situation.  Mark Sanchez who was without three of his starting offensive linemen, look very sharp and efficient, finishing 11-16 for 80+ yards and 1 TD pass to RB Blial Powell.  The TD pass to Powell was on a play where the coverage was busted but good QBs take what the defenses gives them and that’s what Sanchez did on that particular play.  Tim Tebow on the other hand didn’t exactly have a productive scrimmage, finishing 0-3 and was sacked once but threw no interceptions.  The most important thing regarding Tebow was the fact that he reportedly looked “behind the curve” and look miles behind Sanchez.   At this point, no one should honestly be surprised that Mark Sanchez is separating himself in this QB “competition” as he is clearly the better more complete QB out of the two but what is surprising at this point is just how huge the gap is between the 2 QBs, and it isn’t even CLOSE which is certainly a problem for the Jets whether they want to admit it or not since Tebow is a Sanchez injury away from starting. Sanchez wasn’t the only QB that stood out Saturday.  QB Matt Simms managed to turn a few heads after making a few nice passes.  I predict that pretty soon, Simms or McElroy will move up the depth chart and unseat Tebow as the backup QB.  Only a matter of time.


Fomer Jets QB Boomer Esiason didnt mince words when discussing Tim Tebow

–    Former Jets and Bengals QB Boomer Esiason set the football world ablaze and provoked the Tebow faithful’s WRATH this week when he suggested on his radio show Boomer and Carton on WFAN that the Jets should “cut Tim Tebow.”  Esiason stated that “Tebow basically adds no value to the team and all one would have to do is watch him throw to understand it.”  Let’s be clear, part of what Boomer is saying isn’t anything that we don’t already know.  Tebow isn’t a good QB and has severely flawed mechanics, this we already know but what we also know  that the Jets traded a 4th round pick for Tebow who though is a fundamentally flawed QB, is a hell of a football player that can at the very least provide the Jets with valuable production especially in the redzone.  So to say that Tebow “doesn’t add and value to this team” and that he “should be CUT” considering the type of special athlete Tebow is, is simply ridiculous to say the least.  One could argue that the Jets should have never traded for Tebow in the first place, which is most likely Esiason’s underlining point and it’s a valid argument to make but to suggest that the Jets outright cut him is simply insane and illogical.  Tebow is a Jet and will get his chances to produce for this team, we of course know where his shortcomings fall but what Esiason is suggesting is disrespectful to Tebow and a slap in the face considering the type of athlete he is and the things he did for the Broncos last season. Hence the backlash Esiason received afterwards.

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