Jets Fans: Pay No Attention to the Man with the Microphone

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Barack Obama is a huge sports fan, he is known for it. If you are talking with the president, knowing that he is a sports fan, the Tebow situation would be one to ask him about. I know if I were talking to him about sports, I would ask him what he thinks. He’s a sports fan, he is giving an opinion.

That is all it is, an opinion.

Same with Boomer Esaison. Yes, he is paid to speak from behind a microphone. He is giving an opinion. Sometimes these guys give extreme opinions, for the sole person of gaining listeners. So, he will say something that is “out there”, just to get fan reactions. But, whatever he is doing…

All it is, is an opinion.

Damien Woody gave an idea on the radio that the Jets should sign Terell Owens. I know, I know. We all think of that idea and say “What?” I agree, there is no reason for the Jets to even think about signing this guy.

But that is Woody’s opinion, and he is entitled.

That is all it is. An opinion.

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