Tony Sparano Introduces a New Form of Ground and Pound

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Both can work, as the Jets have shown in the past. However, coach Sparano feels that the gap scheme will work better with both his physical mentality, and the players that he has.

“Shonn can run through the smoke,” Sparano said, using a favorite expression of his. “He is a guy who can get square, and he can make a hole. And when it looks muddy in there, he can run through it and all of a sudden create 3, 4 yards going forward. He is built right for that style of football.”

Sparano also talked about the fact that gap schemes can help the line get better leverage and angles on the defensive, while zone schemes can put linemen in uncomfortable one on one situations.

The Jets learned the hard way that you need to have an identity.

Clearly, they will have one in 2012.

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