Aaron Maybin is Working Hard and It's Paying Off

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July 30, 2012; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets defensive end Aaron Maybin (51) at the New York Jets practice. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE

Aaron Maybin feels that neither he, nor the Jets have a ceiling on how good they could be in 2012, and he is making the effort to get there.

So much so, that the other day in practice, Maybin put a rush on Mark Sanchez and was working so hard that he barely was able to follow the “no contact” rule that comes with the red QB jersey. Rex Ryan even had to have a chat with him during the team meal:

“I got a little bit too close to ‘The Sanchize’ and scared everybody,” Maybin recalled with a laugh. “He started scrambling and you know me, I don’t like that whole quarterbacks-running-around type deal. I like letting them know that they would have got got.”

Aaron’s quest to earn playing time seems to be paying off, as he estimates that he is in an extra 8-9 packages so far in camp, which includes an extended role on second down. Last year, as we know, Maybin was primarily a third down pass rush specialist. That is about to change.

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