2012 Means a New Rex Ryan, Inside and Out

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Coach Ryan led a strong team meaning, emphasizing how words can be taken out of context, using himself as an example. When he called himself the best defensive coach in the league, he mentioned all the coaches he has worked with as part of the equation. However, most of the media cut him off solely at the proclamation, and took that portion of it out of context.

He isn’t putting “muzzles” on his players, but he just wants them to use their heads in making comments to the media.

“Whether people want to paint the Jets as this rogue team or whatever, then that is fine. We want to win. We are as competitive as any team in this league. We want to win, and that’s really our No. 1 thing. Do we want to have fun? Absolutely. Do I want our guys to be able to be ourselves? I do, but also understand that maybe there are some deals that can hurt our football team instead of helping it.”

This is a total 180 for Coach Ryan, who in the past would not have paid any attention. He is clearly staying in touch with his locker room, which can only be a positive for the New York Jets.

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