ESPN and Others Need to Stop Creating Controversy with the New York Jets

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Antonio Cromartie was interviewed by our friends at “ESPN First Take”(pictured on page one). They asked him where he fits on the wide receiver depth chart, and we know how he responded by now.

Let’s think about that question.

“Where do you it on the depth chart?” If he answers the way he did, well, we see the headlines that come out. If he had said anything else, like that he is at the bottom, the headlines would have talked about how Cromartie doesn’t feel he is good enough to share time at WR, the way the team wants.

Again, a situation where the player can’t win. They asked Cromartie a question that is solely designed to elicit a headline. They set Cromartie up to give an answer that would only be a problem.

The better idea would have been to ask him how he feels about playing offense. Ask him if being mixed into the offense, he thinks he can make an impact. Again, that would give Antonio the opportunity to give an open ended answer without calling out his teammates.

But ESPN didn’t do that. Instead, they ask a question that elicits a headline. A question designed to cause controversy.


As I said before, the players are responsible for what they say. They are certainly to blame for making comments. But, the interviewers need to be fair. They need to stop asking questions that are designed to cause a problem.

ESPN, and everyone else, you need to stop this. It’s just unacceptable.

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