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ESPN and Others Need to Stop Creating Controversy with the New York Jets

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Moving on to Santonio Holmes’ comments.

He talked about the 2 quarterback system, saying that he didn’t feel it would work. As we know, he didn’t earn any favors with his coach, as coach Ryan said he didn’t hire Tone to be offensive coordinator.

Yes, Santonio probably could have dodged the question. Calling out your team and it’s plan is not the greatest idea in the world. But my issue today is the question that was asked, in this case, by the NFL Network. They asked him, “Do you think the two quarterback system can work in the NFL?”. Asking this type of direct question is designed only to elicit a headline worthy answer. If he says no, like he did, the headline becomes that he doesn’t believe in the system. Had he said yes, the headline would be that Holmes prefers Tebow over Sanchez.

See? That question sets Santonio Holmes up for a question where he can not win. It can only set up a problem.

A better question would have been to ask him his feelings about the offense. This would have been more open ended, giving Santonio a chance to speak without applying that kind of direct answer which elicits him calling out his team.

But no, instead NFL Network asks a trap question.

Turn the page where we will talk about Antonio Cromartie and our friends at ESPN.

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  • Ferraro41

    I couldn’t agree more. Although, I would absolutely lump the NY media into the same bucket. Perhaps they haven’t been quite as bad as ESPN, but they are still complicit in this whole charade.

    The problem is that the “circus” that everyone almost gleefully predicted hasn’t
    materialized, else something like this Cro situation wouldn’t even get a mention. Tebow was
    going to be a huge distraction, drawing tens of thousands of fans into Cortland
    and causing all sorts of issues. The reality? Attendance at camp is actually
    slightly DOWN. Aside from ESPN’s daily reports of their imaginary “Jets QB Competition”,
    it’s been completely uneventful. One might even say pretty freaking boring. No
    spouting off about SB’s. No Hard Knocks. No Rex writing “Soon to be SB Champs” on ESPN buses.
    No hold outs. No GQ spreads. Just football.

    And the media can’t handle it. They said it was going to be a circus, dammit, and so it shall be, even if they have to overreact to every little thing that goes on (which is precisely what is happening).

  • Donald Lyons

    OMG! This is EXACTLY what I’ve been feeling all week. There are 31 OTHER teams in the league. I have not watched any of the ESPN crap on either of its networks this week. As soon as a I heard that Tebow was headed to New York I knew that my TV watching during this coming football season would be limited. I just knew that the networks would go absolutley apeshit with this Tebow crap EVERY WEEK. But I didn’t expect ESPN to actually camp out at Jets camp. Who makes these decisions?

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