Is Tebow Surprised by the Media Coverage?

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First of all, it becomes difficult to do the things you do as a private citizen when you are an athlete of any kind. Especially the NFL, which has no surpassed MLB as the most popular sport in the country.

Add to that, being in the most media driven city in the world, and you really have no chance at privacy.

As far as the media, Tebow takes it in stride:

“Sometimes it does get a little comical and funny to me, but for the most part there’s really not much to say. I try not to think about it or worry about it or pay attention to it. I really just try to be myself and live as much of a normal life as I can without having any of this change who I am or what I do or why I do it.

He does a great job with the media, that is for sure. Just don’t get frustrated with having to stay inside a lot. After all Tim, you were the most talked about athlete in the world while playing in Denver, Co.

Now you are in NY, it will only get bigger.

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