Notes from Sunday's Training Camp Practice

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Players stepping it up:

With Jeremy Kerley out due to a hamstring injury, the Jets need a couple of receivers to step it up. We all know about Stephen Hill, who is working his way up in the depth chart. Also, Rex spoke about Antonio Cromartie playing WR and installing his “Cro” package. But who else stood out?

Raymond Webber.

Webber has a couple nice catches (see above), and spent some time talking to veteran WR Santonio Holmes. I like to see Holmes talking to Webber, as well as DaMarcus Ganaway, to help them improve in anyway possible .

Speaking of Ganaway, he continues to impress me with his size and speed. Oh, and he’s got some good hands too!


Update on Mark Sanchez & Tim Tebow:


It wasn’t the best of days for Sanchez or Tebow. Both struggled in team drills, going 1 for 7. That’s something that we never want to hear as fans… 1 for 7… that’s terrible.

It might be wise to forget about the numbers and move on. Then hope that tomorrow is a better day. Better yet, let’s hope it’s a much better day.

On a positive note, both QB’s looked good releasing the football today. Here’s a picture of Mark Sanchez throwing a dart to WR Chaz Schillens…

Schillens has been an impressive addition in the offseason, and injuries to Jeremy Kerley and Jordan White have opened the door to a lot more playing time for #85.

Tim Tebow looked good as well. He had a couple of nice throws, but there’s one thing to remember (and this goes for Sanchez too)…You can’t throw an interception when there’s only two players on the field—the QB and WR.

Mark and Tim, both need to be more consistent throwing the ball with the defense on the field.

If the defense isn’t on the field, there isn’t a whole lot that can disrupt a completion. Therefore, all of these throws are supposed to look good… and they do.


Here’s a picture of Tim throwing, while he’s on the run…

Now here is me (JETSerious) below and to the left, playing Quarterback, during my High School days…

Anybody see the resemblance? Haha..


Brick looks better:

I’m not sure if D’Brickashaw Ferguson lost weight, but he looks good! He appears to be in great shape, and is blocking well during position drills.

He’s not exactly “Giving him the Business” in this picture, but you can tell just by looking at him, that Ferguson is ready to get back to work. He means business.

Conclusion on Offense:

Overall, the offense needs some work. I like what I am seeing, and the defense is great, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Especially the passing attack. Whether it’s Sanchez or Tebow, if we are completing only 1 of every 7 passes, no one will fear our offense. We need to get better. The tempo is great, and the intensity is there but we need to get better. It starts now.

Continue to Page 2, where JETSerious will break down the Defense and Special Teams notes from today’s Training Camp in Cortland!

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