Dustin Keller 'a little' Frustrated About Contract Situation

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Dustin seems to be taking it in stride, saying that playing out his contract will give him extra incentive to play well.

He isn’t completely happy about it, however, after leading the Jets in receptions and receiving yards in 2011. He feels that he is one of the core players and would like to have gotten his new deal done.

“The way I prefer it, I would have something done, just to know they want me to be part of the future in the organization, they want me to be part of the core guys,” he said. “Not to get that done, it bothers me a little bit. But like I said, I can only handle what I can handle, and I’m going just go out and play my game. And I know that will be good enough.”

There are mixed feelings out there about this situation. Personally, I believe they should get his contract done. He has improved his performance each year in the league, and signing him would give their quarterback Mark Sanchez a sense of security. It would give him the feeling of confidence that he has a guy with him for a long time. There is precedence for this, as the Jets have extended core players early, such as Nick Mangold and David Harris.

Do the Jets feel he is part of their future? I guess they are going to take 2012 to figure it out.

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