Antonio Cromartie at Wide Receiver? It Could Happen

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This could be important to the Jets. Rex has been talking at length about how he wants to create depth from the guys within, by having them as versatile as possible.

In the wide receiver corps, Santonio Holmes is the only proven talent. They are already unhappy with Jeremy Kerley, so anyone they can add would help.

What does Tony Sparano think? He is all for it:

“You don’t ever want to be held prisoner to the system,” Sparano said. “If you have a player like Cromartie and he can do other things, then you would use him. You should use all of your weapons. I remember a long time ago being in Washington with Marty Schottenheimer). Champ Bailey was a young player at the time and had great ball skills and we used Champ (as a receiver). You just got to use the parts that you have. If Cromartie is one of those parts, and he can do some of that stuff, then so be it.”

Putting Antonio out there would definitely add the element of surprise to the Jets. Rex wants teams to plan for anything, so even planting this in other coaches heads will help.

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