Thoughts and Reactions on Saturday's Workout

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  • Another guy that apparently was all over the field was Ellis Lankster.  According to all accounts, he had a huge day and everyone was impressed by him.
  • I couldn’t agree with JETSerious more about the potential of our defensive line.  Karl Dunbar has a great background of success, and he has a very athletic cast of characters with Coples, Ellis, Wilkerson…etc.  He has every bit of potential there to work his magic on our defensive front.
  • Keep an eye on this situation with Jeremy Kerley.  As we all know, it is not often that a player is called out publicly by coach Rex Ryan.  This is a clear indication that he is not happy with him.  Furthermore, he talked today about alternatives to having Kerley in the slot, so he had better step it up quickly.

Thanks to the great JETSerious for his analysis.  Tune in tomorrow as he will be in Cortland at workouts once again.

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