In Defense of Rich Cimini and Jets Beat Reporters

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Whether you like Rich Cimini’s posts or not, his, and his colleagues posts serve as a great deal of information to us. I, along with a lot of other bloggers, do not have medial credentials. As such, we rely on posts from Rich, as well as other beat writers, to provide us with information about the day to day goings on with the team.

Does it really serve a purpose to be rude and obnoxious to the people that are providing us with team information? They are around the team every day. Rich Cimini and the other beat writers provide a look inside the team that we don’t get. If you don’t like his opinions, read past them and look for the facts. We all have brains, and have the ability to decipher information from facts. Rich’s and the other beat writers’ posts help me a lot, and I value them.

And here is another great idea. If you don’t like Rich Cimini’s posts and opinions, don’t read them. You have the right to read or not read what you like. There is no need to leave rude comments on their Twitter pages. It serves no purpose.

Jet Nation is a close knit group. If you are out on Twitter with us, you know this for a fact. We work hard to get each of us interacting with one another, and to bring more and more of us into the group. Basically, we dominate Twitter.

Rich Cimini is part of Jet Nation. Why? Because he is around the team every day. Jet Nation doesn’t treat people the way he has been treated. If you don’t like what he writes, don’t read it. But don’t be rude.

It is not what Jet Nation is all about.

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