Darrelle Revis to Follow Curtis Martin's Footsteps?

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Maybe Darrelle is starting to behave the way Curtis did. Take a look at what he had to say to Rich Cimini about Curtis:

“I look up to Curtis and what he’s done,” Revis said. “He was a big name at Pitt. When you’re younger, looking at a guy like that, you want to be that type of guy. “I think a lot of guys respect what he’s done, him just being a true professional. I never played with him, but you hear through the building that he led by example. He was a quiet guy, but when he spoke, everybody listened. You see the player he was and you want to be like him.”

All eyes will be on Darrelle when the players check in this week in Cortland. Everyone will want to hear what he has to say on the subject. Hopefully he will take the high road, and simply talk about how it’s time to play football.

Darrelle will likely be joining Curtis in Canton some day. It wouldn’t hurt to act like him. Attending camp on time would be a good step in that direction.

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