Biggest Game of the Third Quarter of 2012 for the New York Jets

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So, why is the Seahawks game so important?

First of all, it is coming out of the bye week. It’s always important to set a good tone for the rest of the season, by winning the first game after the bye.

Secondly, it’s important because of the slate of games that come immediately after it. Coming out of the bye, the Jets play Seattle, St. Louis, New England, Arizona, and Jacksonville. Other than New England, they are entering a softer section of the schedule, wouldn’t you say?

I would. It is not impossible that the Jets could win four out of five of those games. As such, starting off a weak section of the schedule with a win is a must. Coming out of the bye, and heading into a soft schedule, they must begin with a win. If the Jets play down to their competition and lose, it could really set the down in the opposite direction, for a steak that goes the wrong way.

So, there are two huge games in the third quarter of the upcoming season. Check back for the biggest game of the final quarter.

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