Tim Tebow in the Red Zone Instead of Sanchez is a Mistake

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Well, I guess it’s time to talk about the Tim Tebow/Mark Sanchez quarterback situation again.

Yesterday, a report came out via Rich Cimini that the Jets intend to replace Mark Sanchez with Tim Tebow in the red zone this season. The plan, according to Cimini, is that Tebow will bolster the running game down deep.

I needed to take a day to write about this, because what I felt after hearing it would not have been appropriate to write on here. The initial shock had to pass before the discussion would be in the least bit appropriate.

Now, a little over 24 hours since the news broke, we can talk about it.

Specifically, we can talk about the hope that this doesn’t happen. If it does, fans and Tebowmaniacs, it will be an absolute mistake. There is no other way to say it.

An absolute mistake. And if this does play out this way, the season will become an utter disaster.

There are several reasons why. First let’s talk about the Jets success in the red zone.

For all of the problems last season with the Jets offense, the one thing they were greatly successful at was scoring in the red zone. So successful, they were number 1 in the league, and that’s without the great Tim Tebow.

They didn’t need a solution to an area that wasn’t a problem. People will say, “Yeah, they were number one because of Plaxico Burress.”. Yes, he made an impact on the red zone, point taken. But, he can’t get separation anymore, and they replaced him with a guy just as tall in Stephen Hill. And they added Chaz Schilens.

Adding two guys to the mix more than makes up for losing an aging wide receiver that is too stupid to avoid shooting himself, who happens to be tall.

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