Slim Rexy on Fox and Friends

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On whether he feels pressure to use Tebow:

“My job is to win games, so that’s whatever that means. The pressure is I just want to win, that’s what our fans want more than anything else is to win and that’s my charge.”

On losing weight:

“I have, I am down 105lbs from where I was, I was 348lbs at one time. Luckily through this lap-band procedure that I had, it’s really worked and you know when you lose that much weight it’s amazing, you look better, you feel better. And as Tim Tebow said in his first interview I’m excited to get this thing going.”

On his transformation to the slimmer Rexy:

“I want to be the Rex Ryan that wins. To me, I did this for health reasons. You know, I’ve been married for 25 years it wasn’t like I was trying to slim down for other reasons…I do look a lot better now. If you lose 100lbs you’re going to look better. But the reason I did it was for health, low blood pressure, low cholesterol, all that kind of stuff and I am ready to attack this season.”

Great job out of Rexy looking so healthy.

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