JETSerious Film Session: Harris Project Part II

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This picture is a little blurry, but David Harris does intercept Flacco’s pass. Harris’ momentum allows him to gain a few steps on Rice, before Rice can change direction in attempt to tackle #52.

Now, guess who is already downfield and ready to make a block. That’s right, Joe McKnight. Check it out…

David Harris, to the 20… the 15…. the 10….

You can tell in this photo, that Harris is FAR ahead of Ray Rice. Not only does Harris make the pick, but he’s also able to shed a 6’6 245 lb. Joe Flacco tackle. There’s no question about it… David Harris is a stud.

Take a look at the next picture to see if Harris can make it to the end zone, and turn a routine interception into a pick-6.

After all, Rex Ryan emphasizes scoring touchdowns off of Defensive turnovers.


Touchdown Jets.

…. And that’s how you “Play Like A Jet”.

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JETSerious Film Session: Revis Project Part I

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