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Santonio Holmes Says "No" to Two Quarterback System

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Holmes is dead on about the quarterback situation. We all know that this situation is going to be delicate. If they get into a system where they are removing Sanchez in specific situations, even if he is in a rhythm, this is not going to work. Much of quarterbacking is about rhythm and timing. If the quarterback is coming out of the game every time the team goes inside the 20 yard line, depsite completing 4 passes in a row, hypothetically, how is he supposed to establish a rhythm?

The second part worries me greatly. Holmes should not be in any way, shape, or form, hinting that he is going to complain again. This is destructive to the team dynamic, as we saw last year. No matter how many times he does, or does not, touch the football, he needs to be all in for the team.

As I said before, he is never short on an opinion, that’s for sure.

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