5 Reasons for Jets Fans to be Optimistic: Number 5

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“Mayhem” was created only on passing downs. The six sacks came from Maybin not playing on every down, which we all know. Aaron was so motivated to prove everyone wrong about him, he led the team in sacks in a part time role.

He is bulking up, in order to play on every down. If Maybin gets in on every down, watch out.

We have talked before about motivation. Guys that are motivated, and feel wanted, are going to perform better than guys that are on a team where they don’t feel comfortable. It sounds silly, but it’s true.

The Bills tried to put Maybin into their system, and that didn’t work. The Jets have used Maybin in a way to make him successful, and that makes a guy feel wanted.

He will feel wanted, he will be huge, as I have written before, to the tune of 10-15 sacks. He is certainly a huge reason to be optimistic.

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