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Cortland is All Set for Tebowmania

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The local businesses in the Cortland area are already set up to cash in on the Tebowmania craze as well. Many have been prepping T-shirts since the trade was completed.

Shirts are already set to go that include ones that read: “Tebowmania: Training Camp, Cortland, N.Y. It’s Here.”, “This is TebowTown, Cortland, N.Y.”, and one with a silhouette of Tim in his famous pose, under the headline “Tebowmania”.

Church groups are already placing their orders for these shirts, and more are expected to come as camp gets closer.

As great as this is for excitement around the team, this is where it becomes a distraction. We need the Jets focused on football, and not on the faith of the backup quarterback.

This is when it all begins. We have to see how the Jets handle this situation from day one. If they do it right, big things could happen. If they don’t, well, you know what I think will happen……….

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