New York Jets Madden Film Session: Part IV

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The 46 Defense & Pass Rush

Let’s take a look at how the 46 Defense can help the Jets generate pressure, without blitzing a Defensive Back.

There’s a difference in the personnel, compared to our last NY Jets Madden Film Session Part III, so we’ll fill you in on who subs in and why.

On this play, the 46 Defense will comprise of:

—> 4 down Linemen

  • Muhammad Wilkerson (96) – DE
  • Mike DeVito (70) – DT
  • Sione Pouha (91) – DT
  • Quinton Coples (98) – DE

—> 3 Linebackers

  • Calvin Pace (97) – OLB
  • David Harris (52) – MLB
  • Demario Davis (49) – MLB

—> 2 Cornerbacks

  • Darrelle Revis (24) – LCB
  • Antonio Cromartie (31) – RCB

—> 1 Strong Safety “In the box”, near the line of scrimmage.

  • LaRon Landry (30)

—> 1 Free Safety

  • Yeremiah Bell (37)

One noticeable replacement is Demario Davis, who subs in for Bart Scott. Quite simply, Davis has shown flashes of athleticism in camp, so it wouldn’t surprise many to hear that #49 is in the game to help out in pass coverage.

*Note: Davis may have a different number by week 1 vs. Buffalo (likely #50-59).

The pre-snap of the 46 Defense will look like this:

Each player and their responsibility will be highlighted in the next photo. To separate responsibilities, we labeled the pass rushers with red arrows, and the man-to-man coverage with yellow arrows. The blue bubbles will represent zone coverage.

Yeremiah Bell (37) is disguising deep zone coverage during the pre-snap look, but really, he is in man coverage on the slot receiver. That’s because Calvin Pace’s (97) role is a limited one. He’s only responsible for jamming the slot receiver to the best of his abilities, because it’s a lot to ask of him to run step for step with a blazing WR. With that being said, we allow him to get help—from Bell in double-coverage.

David Harris (52) is accountable for the middle of the field, especially if TE Rob Gronkowski runs in his direction. Also, if Demario Davis needs an assist defending Gronkowski, Harris is obligated to help Davis with his man.

LaRon Landry is lined up “inside the box”, and is going to shift to a deep zone once the ball is snapped.

As far as Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie are concerned, they’re locked in man coverage. Anybody surprised? In my opinion, Darrelle Revis/Antonio Cromartie/Kyle Wilson are the best 1,2,3 Cornerback Tandem in the NFL.

Anyway, this is great call if you’re Rex Ryan and you’re trying to throw the opponents off guard. Teams tend to game-plan against Rex and Mike Pettine’s heavy pressure, adding additional blockers to pick up the extra defensive blitzer. That’s why analysts often suggest that the Jets should get a premiere OLB pass rusher like DeMarcus Ware or another NFL sack leader. I believe that the Jets drafted that type of pass rusher 16th Overall in this year’s draft, but he’s a DL. Let’s see if he gets a sack, or helps another man on the Front 4 make a play…

Brady gets the ball in the Shotgun, and sees a four-man rush coming his way. Quinton Coples has his pass rush highlighted in red.

David Harris is running towards Rob Gronkowski—who’s in man coverage with Demario Davis. Both of their roles are both highlighted yellow.


The next picture will show the same play as it continues to unfold.


LaRon Landry is behind David Harris and is dropping back into his zone coverage. Harris is paying close attention (the blue eye vision) to Gronkowski. He notices that Gronkowski runs a short route and Demario Davis is holding his own. Harris then becomes a pass rusher because double-coverage is no longer necessary.

Due to David Harris’s awareness to rush the passer on this play, the rest of the front 4 Defensive Linemen were able to provide pressure on Brady. Can you guess who gets the sack? Join us on Page 2, where JETSerious gets dead serious, and breaks down another defensive play in the 46 Defense…


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