New York Jets Madden Film Session: Part III

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Before we get into Part III of our NYJ Madden Film Session, let me just remind everyone that this is a simulated sequence. The computer may have a player’s head turned the wrong way, a hand going through a leg, or something else that is outrageous…because it’s a video game! But the significance of this FILM is that it backgrounds the formations that are ran, and how they’re executed.

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The New York Jets, Rex Ryan, and the 46 Defense:

There are many ways to beat the 46 Defense in the pass-happy NFL nowadays, but there are also ways to counteract those plays. Some experts would call a Rex Ryan Defense  “Smoke and Mirrors”, but I call it getting after Tom Brady.

If you let Brady sit back there and get comfortable, he’s going to pick you apart. So, let’s get creative and disguise coverages.

The Jets Defense will be lined up in a 46 Defense. The 46 will comprise of:

- 4 down Linemen

  • Calvin Pace (97)
  • Muhammad Wilkerson (96)
  • Sione Pouha (91)
  • Quinton Coples (98)

- 3 Linebackers

  • David Harris (52)
  • Bart Scott (57)
  • Bryan Thomas (58)

- 1 Strong Safety near the line of scrimmage

  • LaRon Landry (30)

- 1 Free Safety

  • Yeremiah Bell (37)

- 2 Cornerbacks

  • Darrelle Revis (24)
  • Antonio Cromartie (31)

Incase you’re wondering, the Patriots are lined up in a Shotgun formation with:

  • 1RB
  • 1TE
  • 3 WR

On this play, we would like to confuse Tom Brady, which would cause him to hesitate during his quick decision-making process. How are we going to do that you ask? Well, Tom Brady will get to the line of scrimmage and want to see who is matched up on his receivers. Right away he will notice that Bryan Thomas (58) is lined up with Deon Branch (84). This a HUGE mismatch, favoring the Patriots. Brady typically, would like to snap the ball quickly and throw a short pass to Branch. Branch would then make a quick cut to beat Thomas.

Not so fast. The picture below will describe why that’s not the case.

Take a look at the mismatch that Brady sees:

Brady envisions a touchdown, so he snaps the ball quickly.

What he doesn’t realize, is that LaRon Landry is about to take on Deon Branch.


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