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Draft picks are often boom or bust, so it’s no guarantee that they’ll be a good pick. It’s a process, in which, you have to let things play out. Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum could look like a hero if the draft picks don’t pan out for Baltimore, like one their most recent picks…Sergio Kindle.

He was drafted 43rd Overall in 2010. Pro Football Talk believes that he is facing a “make-or-break season”.

Tannenbaum could also look like a goat for trading these picks, but it’s up in the air. Ed Reed’s play, however, is not up in the air. Unless he’s intercepting a pass, of course… Haha. But you always know what you’re getting when you have Ed Reed on your side. That’s part of why he feels disrespected. “For what I offer on the football field, for what I give on the football field and for what they know they’re going to get…It’s something that you take to heart because at the end of the day, I know I’m giving everything and they know I’m giving everything on that football field.”, notes that the Jets have over $6 Million left in cap room this season.

They’re in a bit of trouble for next year, though. But who knows what Tannenbaum might do to change that? He’s unpredictable. A good example is when he traded for this guy, Brett Favre (pictured right). Can you just imagine Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum on Ed Reed’s doorstep, talking about a restructured deal, after a blockbuster trade was made? Wow, there would be a “Hard Knock” on that door.

Reed said that he wouldn’t do a “hometown discount”.

But would he do a “Rex Ryan Discount”? We all know how much Ed Reed loves Rex Ryan. If you don’t, just let Reed tell you for himself. He loves him,

Like a dad, like a brother, man…We (Ravens players) wanted Rex as the head coach in Baltimore. We did not want him to leave,” He said. “We knew he was a great coach. There was a reason we had a great defense in Baltimore.”

Reed went off last year, explaining how much he enjoyed Rex Ryan as his Coach:

 “I would play anywhere with Rex…in a dark alley, in the street, high school, or the sandlot because he truly loves this game. I love Rex and always will. He taught me so much. A lot of guys in Baltimore will say the same thing.”


If he would play for Rex, “in a dark alley, in the street, high school, or the sandlot”, would he play for Rex in Metlife Stadium? For a little bit less money, and a whole lot of respect? It’s an interesting thought…


What would you give up in a trade for Ed Reed?

As a Jets fan, how would you feel if my proposed trade were to come to life?

Would you be ecstatic or furious?


I’ll leave you with some highlights, to help you decide!

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