Jets Offense Must "Identify" Itself in 2012

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The Jets would make the argument in 2011 that they wanted to play week to week, and define what they are going to do based on their opponent.

That doesn’t work. If your plan fluctuates that much from week to week, you don’t really become good at anything. If one week you are grounding and pounding it, and the next week you are trying to be the “greatest show on turf”, all of a sudden you are mediocre at everything.

Henceforth, the 8-8 record.

The solution? As we have said time and time again this offseason, the Jets have to get back to what they do best. They must “identify” their strength, which is running the football.

That makes Mark better, it makes the defense better, it makes everyone better.

In life, when you know your strengths, and can identify them, it makes you a stronger person. Same in football, as a team.

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